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Capturing the moments that tell your story; memories that will never be forgotten, for all occasions!

"The sky's the limit" for your Photographic Needs!


Visual Art Photography
Visual Art Photography is where you have open the door to creative photography. It is where you dig deep with in yourself and do something that you would of never dare to do or express an emotion that you've have always felt. Anyone can snap a picture, but actually to design and create a whole idea, to tell a story is something all together different. Like in the "The day you left Project" a very lonely day, a very painful experience is seldom photographed, but is a very powerful photo. In the "Masquerade Project" the women had never even thought to have their photos done like that before, it was a fun shoot. Just 2 friends coming together and living something new! So in the Visual Art Projects you can get some ideas and get photographed outside the box. I have often sewed the outfits used and have several props. If you need an idea or have and idea and don't know how to put it together, message me and we'll see what our creative minds can come up with. Sometimes I need Models for projects, that may be a fun way to experience something new as well, so be sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming Projects~

Diva Day~
We still do the glamour shots with professional makeup supplied and depending upon what kind of glamour shot you want some props are supplied. I still think it's great for woman especially to have it done a few times. Glamour shots are portrayed in a romantic or sexually alluring way; make for wonderful gifts for a spouse or loved ones. I love to gift women who are going through cancer with glamour shots, because it is a reminder of their beauty!

Head shots
Photography is an interesting art. It is both an art and a science.With a good head shot you will be able to get great acting head shots that will communicate who you are and what you can do. Your head shots will communicate your casting. Your head shots will pop and get you more auditions as well as add to yourr professional portfolio.

Portraits for personal use to web pages, personnel biographies. Have a photo shoot outdoors or in the studio with a loved one or your family. We can photograph one individual or an entire group on site. Also consider those portraits of "Mom & Baby", and your kids Graduations, or just have a fun shot with your Pet.

Special Events
Do you have an important event coming up that you need covered? Meetings, dinners, trade shows, conventions, award ceremonies, large and small group shots - whatever the event, keeping a record is a must. It takes a trained and experienced photographer to make interesting and compelling images that document important personal milestones.

Business / Event Photography
If you are Selling a Home or Building and need those great images for your MLS listing, we have a great lenses selection to get those angles even in the smallest rooms.

Events On Location
Bren Lucas Photography covers many events through the greater Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties, from your child's Sporting Event to a Birthday or your Solider's Home Coming.

Travel to Locations
It is not uncommon for us to travel to areas that are not listed such as the Greater San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, WA. So feel free to contact us for doing a Photo Shoot in your area.


Photography by Bren is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. We will never sell or offer any personal information about our clients to any third party. We will never e-mail you without your permission unless we have a question about your Event or ordered Prints. Any information obtained by us through e-mail, or phone is considered strictly confidential.

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