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Bren's beginnings of photography were in Frankfurt Germany where she was given a camera and learned how to develop black and white film. She has found a creative outlet through her photography, you can see Bren's creative work flowing in her Professional Photography, her intimate shots capture the very heart and soul of the person (person's ) she is working with.

She loves to travel and found a creative outlet through her photography in her design capabilities; she has always has a natural eye. The one thing that she loves the most is to bring out the inner beauty that sometime not even the eye of the person could see for themselves; you leave feeling like a different person than what you where before you had your photos taken. With the media's attention on the size of the person, Bren feels that no matter what you look like on the outside inner beauty can always be captured , bring out your best features, everyone had something!!!

Bren is based in LA County, California, providing professional photography to businesses, individuals and families. She is also an Award Winning Photographer. We provide fast service using an all digital workflow allowing for detailed, high quality processing . We are reliable, affordable and flexible. Give us a call - you'll be very happy you did.

Bren was inspired when she worked with Non-Profit Organizations to help change the lives of children around the world. A portion of her proceeds go to Charitable Organizations each quarter. Her visions is written on the back of each card, and read " Together bringing hope and a brighter future for children around the world. Share in the opportunity to provide food, education, health care and cures for diseases to children otherwise left to a life without hope. Let's change lives." .

Bren is expecting to expand her clientele by using the internet. She says she is hoping that people everywhere will want to share with their friends and family..

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